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    Tasty Tiger Bread

    Tasty Tiger Bread

    The bread making has been going well. I made Tiger bread this week. My children love Tiger bread but I did not think I could make it at home. It has taken quite a bit of research and trial and error but I have finally come up with a recipe that works. The trick is in the paste made with rice flour, yeast and sesame oil which you coat the bread with before the final rising. Rice flour does not contain gluten so the paste does not rise with the bread but cracks to give the characteristic appearance of Tiger bread; the paste also browns more than the loaf when cooked.
    I used a basic recipe for a white loaf, using sesame oil in place of the olive oil I normally use when making bread. During the first rising I made a paste with 100g rice flour, ¼ tsp salt, 1tsp sugar, ½ tsp quick yeast, 1 Tab sp sesame oil and 150ml warm water. When the loaves and rolls were shaped I spread the paste over them and put them to rise again then baked as normal. The results were very tasty but short-lived!
    If you try this yourself please let me know how you get on.

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    • For those of you who have been asking for the recipe I use for my Tiger Bread it is now on the site. The link is at the top of the blog.

    • Have made your Tiger bread and it was a great success, think I needed a bit more sesame oil in the bread as it was not very sesame. The paste worked well although I had quite a lot left over. Will make half the quantity next time.

    • I have tried your tiger bread and it was fine but when I put the paste on the bread I found there was rather a lot of it ,do you have to use it all? as I had a lot that I didn`t put on and it didn`t look right.

    • You’re right. It’s not exactly the same, just as close as I could get. I actually prefer the home made but the family still prefer bought. They will eat this though so that’s success in my book!

    • I tried your recipe and got good results with the cracked finish but it tastes nothing like the distinctive supermarket tiger bread (even with quite a bit of sesame oil). I have searched the internet but no-one seems to know what ingredient ‘X’ is to give the tiger bread flavour.

    • Sorry to be late to reply. The paste is quite thick, put plenty on and it should crack during the 2nd rising. I shall make a loaf this weekend and get the recipe on the blog with photos of each stage.

    • Hi. I tried to make tiger bread with your paste recipe last night, didnt quite work. I made a normal loaf of white bread. knocked it back and put on the paste. Heres a couple of things I noted.
      The paste once made seemed enough to cover loads of loafs, or am i supposed to lay it on thickly? It seemed quite thick as a paste, should it have been fairly smooth or runny to allow easy spreading, as the knocked back dough is soft, and it kind of weighed it down a bit. I use a recipe for bread that uses 675gm flour, so i huge loaf usually, can you let me know what recipe you use for bread, if you think that will make a difference. Also, I used normal sesame seed oil in the actual bread making, but toasted sesame seed oil in the paste. is this right?
      As i said above, the paste on top weighed down the dough, so made the second rising harder to go upwards, more spread out like a massive pitta breadthat rose a couple of inches in the oven. Im dead keen to get this right, as I love the tiger bread more than any other. Any advice you can give would be great


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