• Family 14.02.2014

    It has been a long time since I last blogged here and many things have happened since then. Sadly, we lost my Dad at the end of last summer, a time of sadness, memories and change for all the family. My daughter moved to London for a new  job in October, my son moved out in January, I started a new job and I have been diagnosed with, and undergone surgery for, cancer of the womb. Fortunately I was diagnosed at a very early stage and the surgery was a complete cure, I just need to recover from the surgery!


    Whilst recovering I haven’t been cooking or baking and, worst of all, I haven’t been able to go to football matches! I have, however, been able to catch up with a few of my craft projects. I’ve been doing a little knitting  and made some cards but I’ve really been enjoying some hand sewing, brushing up on my embroidery skills as I create the blocks of a patchwork quilt. My friend made me a stunning quilt to keep me cosy during my recovery and I am a long way from achieving her standards but I am enjoying what I’m doing and I intend to share it with you in future posts.

    Until then here’s a quick peek at the quilt my friend made, I can assure you it is extremely warm and cosy as well as beautiful!



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