• Stitching 25.02.2014

    I love sewing and embroidery and have just begun a quilt which consists of hand stitched squares. This project gives me some hand stitching to do in the evenings and each square takes only a few hours to complete so I get a sense of achievement without having to work on it for weeks!

    The quilt is from a part work, Sew and Stitch, which I subscribe to. I picked up the first magazine in the shops, liked it and subscribed. I know it will cost quite a lot but it does come with all the fabric, ribbons and threads I need and it is sent straight to my home. It is the easy (or lazy!) way of doing!

    The quilt is on a seaside theme and the first square, which caught my attention in the first issue, is a postcard and a couple of stamps and involves appliqué and embroidery. The simple shapes were cut out, applied using Bondaweb, an iron on, double sided adhesive, and then embellished with simple embroidery. My stitches are less than perfect but I quite like the homemade effect this gives.

    I made a mistake with one of the thread colours but that just means my quilt will be unique so it’s not a problem is it?


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