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    One of those weeks. The neighbours had obviously gone away and left a teen or two in charge, with predictable results! The first couple of times we asked them they turned the music down, only for it to become even louder half an hour later. By half past 12, however, they were shouting and laughing and then a fight broke out. Having put up with several evenings of this I had had enough and called the police. That worked! I overheard one girl saying she had cleaned the blood off the carpet then someone saw the police car and they went into overdrive. Bottles were thrown into the recycling bin, music turned down and peace finally descended. I haven’t heard a peep out of them since.
    By Thursday there were nine of us in the house. My three daughters were arguing, boyfriends and friend keeping out of the way, son hiding with the computer. I was getting stressed about feeding and finding bedding for everyone (only one had to sleep on the floor and all had quilts and pillows!), hubby went to work! Daughter and friend brought with them a dog and two rabbits, other daughter brought a turtle, I don’t like animals. A warning light came on in my car; I took it to be checked out at the garage as I am driving to Wales in it tomorrow. Cancel that, it won’t be fixed until Monday so I’m driving to Wales on Monday. My nephew has helped find temporary night shelter for the dog, one daughter and her boyfriend have departed to Lourdes and things are a little calmer. When the children were small I thought life would be simpler when they were more independent. No chance. When am I ever going to get the peaceful life I crave? And will I want it when it comes?

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    • Dash it – mine are only under 1 and 2 years old and I’ve been getting stressed out. I have accepted that return of the relaxed life I once had is some time away and I have enough sense not to calculate how far away too literally. Your blog is confirmation, if I really needed it, that this motherhood lark is not a commitment to be worn lightly or for one season. Was I born to nurture which is so much more about laundry and not expecting gratitude, than loving hugs and mum worship (though I still get some of those too)? I seemed to be born to party. Before. In the other life.

      Wouldn’t change this for the parties and evening classes….but wouldn’t mind amending the balance a bit.

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