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    Yesterday was my eldest daughter’s graduation. My husband took a day off work and we drove up to the university in good time. We got on the graduation shuttle bus from the car park to the robing rooms, she emerged looking every bit the bright young lady she is and we were very proud parents indeed. She had a lovely day meeting up with her friends and we came away with a beautiful set of photos, unusual nowadays for her to let us take even one photo so they will be treasured.
    The ceremony itself was a cross between Hogwarts and Parliament with a touch of church service thrown in. There were gowns and funny hats, processions and trumpets, organ music and hand shaking. All that was needed were a few owls swooping over the graduates heads and some candles hovering over their heads and it could easily have been part of a Harry Potter set or maybe some incense and a couple of hymns to complete the picture of a church service.
    The main thing is we have come through high points and low, tantrums and tears, successes and failures and now have an educated, adult daughter ready to make her own way in the world. We are there for her always but she has to take her own path now and make her own decisions. I pray that life will be kind to her.

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