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    Well it has been a busy month so far. Back to school, college and university for four occupants and a new degree course for me has meant a lot of time spent shopping, sorting, driving and working so I have decided now is the time for a major clutter sort out.

     I really need some more space in the study so that I can work whenever I get some time so that will be my number one priority, the kitchen is okay for now as it is quite new but the kids lounge and all the bedrooms could do with some attention so they will be tackled one at a time once the study is sorted. The garage also needs major de-cluttering but I hope that task will fall to my husband!

     We are major hoarders in this house so not only will we have to let go of some things which are rubbish but also those things which one day may come in useful and those which conjure up memories when we look at them. A lot of the children’s old stuff falls into that last category but as three of them are now grown up I am going to be strict with myself.

     Clutter not only looks untidy and makes it difficult to clean but it causes emotional stress too. It is frustrating to have to search every time you need something. I know it will take time to get the clutter under control but I also know it has to be done. So I am going to make a start by clearing the pile of papers on the right hand side of my computer. I knocked my coffee all over them this morning so they are slightly damp and have to be sorted NOW.

     If you have any tips or strategies to help me I will be grateful to hear them. I will keep you posted as I go.

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