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    In need of a quick, healthy soup for lunch today and wanting something different from our normal standby, Thai Ginger soup, my daughter asked for pea soup. I used 300ml water, 200g frozen peas, 1 large spring onion, 1/2 clove of garlic, 1 vegetable stock cube, a small handful of cashew nuts and half a teaspoon of mint sauce from the fridge. 7 minutes in the Vitamix and we had a lovely, pale green, steaming hot, delicately flavoured soup. Delicious!


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    This is an entry for the BritMums/Special K “How I’ve changed Linky challenge.”

    I was sent a box of new recipe Special K to try. I used to eat Special K quite often, particularly the red berries version, but, preferring a wholegrain cereal, I haven’t had any for a while. The new recipe is a 3 grain recipe and contains wholewheat so it fills you up! No need for mid-morning nibbles! It is fortified with vitamins too but, most importantly, it tastes good. I enjoyed it with some skimmed milk and sliced strawberries and it really filled me up.

    Special K with strawberries



    Kellogg’s have changed the recipe for the first time since 1983 and this prompted the challenge to discover how I’ve changed since 1983.

    In 1983 I was working as a computer programmer and got engaged to my now husband. We bought our first house, a 3 bedroom semi, for £32,000! We had to do a lot of work on the house and most of our money went on that but we could still eat out and enjoy ourselves. I was a vegetarian and eating out wasn’t always easy, “we could make you an omelette” was a phrase I heard often! This meant that Italian food was often our choice so I could get a cheese and tomato pizza! There was one supermarket on the way home from work which we could go to occasionally but otherwise we shopped at local shops; a busy greengrocer, a baker’s and a grocer’s. Check out the shoulder pads in this picture of me in 1983.

    Me with Dad in 1983


    Things have certainly changed for me in the last 30 years. I now have 4 children and a granddaughter, I work very part time as a primary teacher and have recently completed a foundation degree in e-communication, I still have the same husband though! Our house is now a much larger detached, although downsizing is on the horizon. I usually prefer to cook at home than eat out, but the choice and quality of vegetarian food has changed beyond recognition! I still enjoy the occasional pizza but now I can have goat’s cheese, artichokes and rocket on it. Shopping has changed beyond recognition too. There are several supermarkets to choose from but the local shops are pretty much all gone where I live. A farmer’s market is a real treat and online food shopping quite normal. This new photo is a much more casual one of me with my beautiful granddaughter.



    Me with granddaughter in 2013



    On the whole I think I prefer things now and I’m not too nostalgic about the way things were in 1983. I wouldn’t mind being the same weight though and I could certainly do without the creaky knees! Maybe Special K will help with that!





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    I find it really easy to make a quick,healthy lunch with my Vitamix.

    Today, being Monday, the fridge was looking a bit sad but I wanted something warm and healthy for lunch so I decided to make some soup. I often use my Vitamix blender for soup and I’d already made a lovely green smoothie for my breakfast so I was in Vitamix mode!

    The great thing about the Vitamix is that there is very little preparation apart from washing the vegetables. Today I threw in enough water to cover the blades then added a carrot, a slice of red onion, 6 mini plum tomatoes, a slice of red pepper and a thin, peeled, slice of butternut squash. I also put in a grinding of black pepper, half an organic vegetable stock cube and a few stalks of thyme which was growing, handily, on the windowsill. I switched it on, took the speed up to 10 then onto high and let it run for 5 minutes. Once the steam was visible I switched off and added a handful of canned chickpeas then gave it another minute on high and poured it out. 10 minutes start to finish and I had a delicious, healthy soup.

    Next time I may add some celery and possibly a small wedge of cabbage. I love to experiment and I haven’t had a disaster yet!



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