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    This has turned out to be a real Vitamix day for me. I started the day with one of my favourites, a green smoothie made with a banana, an apple, frozen mango, natural yogurt and a couple of handfuls of spinach with some filtered water and ice, all blended up in my Vitamix blender.

    At lunchtime, not having got my sourdough started early enough, I decided to make some soda bread. Soda bread is so quick and easy, with no kneading or proving, that you can be eating it in less than an hour from deciding to make it. It is the perfect accompaniment to soup so it was time to get the Vitamix going again. I didn’t make the soup from scratch in the Vitamix today but made it on the hob and blended it when it was cooked. Because the oven was on I put some chunks of squash in there to roast, which really intensifies the flavour. I softened a red onion and a couple of sliced carrots in half a tablespoon of olive oil, threw in a large handful of red lentils, a spoonful of yellow Thai paste and a tablespoon of mild curry powder, topped it up with boiling water and some Marigold bouillon powder and let it simmer for about half an hour while the soda bread cooked. Then I added the roast squash and blended it all until smooth in the Vitamix. I can honestly say this is one of the best lunches I’ve had for a while and, of course, it was cheap and healthy. Perfect!


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