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    My son went to France last week on an exchange trip with school and has returned a complete Francophile.

    He now requires French bread for his school lunch so I thought I’d have a go at making my own. I used the French bread dough programme on my bread machine to make the dough.

    500g White bread flour
    1 teaspoon quick yeast
    2 teaspoons salt
    320ml warm water

    The dough took over 3 hours to make. It would have been quicker to use the Kenwood but I wanted to just leave it as I was busy.

    The dough was split into 4 portions. Each was flattened then rolled out to about 4cm x 30cm with plenty of flour.
    Each piece was then rolled into a cylinder shape and the join pinched together. The loaves were left to rise covered with a damp teatowel for half an hour.

    They were put into a hot oven, 200C for 15 minutes. A bowl of hot water was placed on a lower shelf to provide steam.

    The result? Four delicious, crusty loaves to be proud of! They didn’t last long though!


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