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    This is another of those things which seems peculiarly British, queuing. I don’t like queuing but I do it all the time. So do most other people I know. We are, of course, very good about it; we let people who arrived before us go in front, but we are very unhappy when anyone pushes in! It’s just not the British way of doing things, we take our turn, we wait more or less patiently and we expect others to do the same. That’s how our world works and it’s fair. I queue in shops, at the airport, to buy tickets and to get into places and I don’t have a problem with it. If anyone pushes in the crowd lets them know but often there is just muttering and black looks, no one actually asks them to move!

    It’s not the same everywhere of course and queuing up on holiday often means you just get ignored and everyone pushes in front of you! I’ve had to learn to sharpen my elbows and push but it still doesn’t seem right.

    Is it politeness? Is it habit? Is it a sense of fairness? I’m not sure but I do know that I am actually happier to queue knowing that my turn will come, I will get to the front eventually and I will not have offended anyone, trod on any toes or elbowed any ribs. I am happy that way. How about you?

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