• Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. For Christians this is a time of self-denial and preparation for Easter. It lasts 40 days and represents the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness preparing for his public ministry.
    As a child I gave up various things during Lent; sweets, biscuits or sugar in my tea. In my teens we all wanted to sit at lunch with the girl who gave up puddings for Lent so we could eat hers!
    In past years I have given up wine (difficult!), cakes, chocolates etc. This year I want to do something which might make a difference to other people as well as to me so I looked at Christian Aid’s Count Your Blessings ideas for Lent http://www.christianaid.org.uk/images/count-your-blessings-2010.pdf
    This involves thinking about how we live and how others live and contributing money for all the blessings we enjoy. For me it won’t just be about putting the money on one side to help others but I hope it will encourage me to appreciate what I have. I have printed off the calendar and made a start, maybe you will too.

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