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    Fairytale Castle cake

    Fairytale Castle cake


    I made a cake last week for my daughter’s 18th. I do not profess to be an expert and this was probably too ambitious for me but it was made with love and turned out  just fine. The main thing was she loved it.
    I have made many cakes in the past for birthdays and weddings. I have made icing roses, marzipan figures, a pirate flag, a desert island, a lady in a crinoline dress! Many others too numerous to mention. When you have four children making birthday cakes happens fairly often. Somehow this one seemed important although we have had two eighteenths and a 21st already. I had icing towers hidden around the house drying out for several days, made the cakes the day before and spent several hours assembling and decorating on the day. I had to resort to short cuts and I panicked a bit. I had to provide food for the party in the evening too. As usual I thought I wouldn’t get it all done and as usual I did. Not perfectly, maybe, but well enough. She had a lovely evening and so did all the family.
    These occasions when the family get together can be hard work and stressful but it is all worth it when you see the people you love enjoying themselves. Memories are made up of happy occasions like this and photos of her growing up and with several other birthday cakes brought back many happy memories.
     It may not be the greatest cake in the world, and certainly not the greatest photo, but she loved it and will remember her 18th Birthday for many years to come. Me too!

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