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    Just over a month into my diet and I have lost 15lbs. I’m really pleased. It hasn’t really been all that difficult as the food has been pretty good. The porridge or muesli keeps me full till lunch and soup with a mini wholemeal roll set me up for the afternoon. A mid-afternoon snack from the Diet Chef selection is a nice treat and then it’s time for dinner. That has become a little boring as I’m vegetarian and there aren’t so many choices for me. I’ve found that adding some cauliflower and grated low fat cheese to the macaroni cheese certainly adds something and a wide variety of vegetables and salads help. I’ve enjoyed the curries too, spicing them up a little as I like a bit of heat! I’ve been able to add basmati rice, a low fat yogurt, some ryvita and cottage cheese or some extra fruit and kept easily to my calorie limit. Seeing the weight loss at the end of week is enough to keep me motivated for the moment so I’m carrying on.

    The problem this week is that it’s Easter and the house will be full of chocolate! Wish me luck!

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    • Well done on losing 15lbs. It hard but the hardest part is keeping it off once it’s gone. I have done a lot of yo yo diets over the years and maintaining is my main focus now.

      How did Easter go?

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