• gardening 25.06.2011

    My lovely raised beds

    I recently had some help in the garden. I now have six lovely raised beds in which to grow my vegetables. So thanks to my friend Mike.

    I have planted lots of different vegetables. Potatoes, onions, cabbages, calabrese, beetroot and sprouts look to provide crops for many months. Courgettes and tomatoes are growing well. I have a herb bed with mint, coriander, chives, lemon balm, basil and parsley. I’ve got fruit and salad crops such as radish, spring onions, watercress, rocket and lettuce.

    I was fairly late getting my seeds going but today I was finally able to harvest some leaves, herbs and radish for lunch.


    Fresh salad tastes great straight from the garden

    It may not be much but it is great to be able to pick fresh salad for lunch and it’s just the start of my adventures in the vegetable garden. I can’t wait to be eating all my vegetables and lots of fruit within minutes of picking them.

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    Posted by Catherine @ 9:45 pm

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