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    I’ve seen quite a few recipes lately for these novelty cupcakes, baked in ice cream cones and decorated to look like ice creams,┬áso my daughter and I had a go at them this week.


    The recipe I used suggested wrapping the cones in foil before filling them but I tried a few unwrapped and it made no difference at all, if anything the unwrapped cones baked better, so I suggest you save time and foil by not bothering!

    I’m not going to give you the recipe I used as I didn’t like it that much and in future will just use my everyday cupcake recipe, you can use any which you normally find works well.

    I stood the cones in a muffin tin and they were just a little fiddly to fill. My recipe made too much mixture so they were a little overfilled and I trimmed them to neaten them up before piping the buttercream swirl on the top. they only need to be filled just over half full.

    They can be quite top heavy with a big swirl of buttercream so make sure they are standing on a flat surface! The buttercream should be fairly soft. if you don’t have an icing nozzle then an icing bag or plastic bag with the corner cut off would do a perfectly good job. Adding sprinkles and a little flake (push it very gently into the icing) really makes these cupcakes look lovely for a summer party. The cones go soft overnight so bake and eat them on the same day. A little drizzle of chocolate sauce would be nice on the top too.

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    The finished cupcakes

    I went on another course at the very lovely Cherry Blossom Bakery. Along with two of my daughters I spent two hours mastering swirls, roses and other piping techniques. I have made cupcakes many times before but I really wanted to learn how to pipe a rose swirl so that was my main aim.

    All I needed to know was that I needed a Wilton 2D nozzle and to pipe from the centre. Easy when you know how!

    A couple of days later my daughter and I decided to get some practice so armed with our new nozzles and non-slip icing bags (why have I only just discovered these wonderful bags?) we baked a batch of cakes and iced the lot. What do you think of the results? I have to admit we were rather pleased with ourselves!


    A lovely rose cupcake


    Tinted petals!

    Plain but lovely.


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    I have always enjoyed baking and often made cakes for family and friends. As I was looking through some old photos I came across a selection of cakes I made years ago and thought I would share them on here.






    None of them are perfect but they all went down well at the time and I enjoyed making them!

    I’m sure I have a few more photos somewhere so look out for the next set!

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