• Family 21.01.2013

    I managed to keep reasonably well to my plans last week but had to make a few changes when I discovered I had planned a large cooked meal and there was only one person to eat it! This is often a problem for me nowadays; my plans and other people’s don’t always match up.

    I’m writing this on a train coming back from a weekend in London and don’t really know what is left in the fridge at home or how much snow I will have to contend with to get to the shops. I will have to do my best and go with favourites which won’t require much shopping!

    Monday Spanish omelette or steak if they didn’t eat it yesterday!
    Tuesday fajitas
    Wednesday home made pizza
    Thursday sausage and mash
    Friday Oh! It appears I’m off to visit my daughter in Madrid and won’t have to cook this weekend again! Think pizza and bolognese in the fridge will keep them going!

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    Posted by Catherine @ 11:14 pm


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