• Baking, Cooking 17.09.2011

    A chilly, damp day in September seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out my new Mermaid pudding sleeve.

    The Mermaid website did not contain the promised recipe but a quick google and a look at my recipe books turned up the right combination of ingredients.

    I don’t often make puddings, certainly not steamed suet puddings, but this is so simple to make. You need to plan a little in advance as it takes an hour and a half to steam but once it’s made and cooking you can leave it be, maybe topping up the water if needed.

    The pastry is a simple mix of 200g SR flour, 100g suet (I used vegetable suet), baking powder and cold water is rolled out, spread with jam, rolled up and placed in the pudding sleeve. Steamed in a few cm of boiling water it cooks beautifully and you have a lovely pudding just crying out for some custard.


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    Posted by Catherine @ 9:30 am

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