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    I have made a start on my healthy eating plan. I know I
    have to improve the diet of my family so I decided to incorporate
    lots more vegetables into some of their favourite meals. This is
    not a new idea but I have let it slip recently.

    Today I have made a large pan of bolognese sauce. Not terribly exciting, you may think,
    but at least everyone (except veggie me!) will eat it. As well as
    the usual minced beef, tomatoes and herbs this one contains onion,
    carrot, celery, yellow pepper and mushrooms. Of course my son is
    not keen on any of those so I gave them a good whizz in my Kenwood
    food processor attachment first until they were all a similar size
    to the mince. Cunning, yes? In the finished sauce most of the
    vegetables really cannot be seen and what cannot be identified is
    much more likely to be eaten. I used up a glug of red wine hanging
    around since Christmas too.

    As part of my plan to eat more
    economically I have made more than I need and will get a few single
    portions stashed in the freezer for those days where I need a quick
    meal for someone, hopefully this will save on requests for fast
    food as there will be something ready in just the ten minutes it
    takes to boil the pasta.

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    • Great Idea. We have a 20 month old who isn’t a big eater and we struggle to think up imaginative menus for all of us to eat and healthy too. So I love this recipe which includes veg etc. I’ll be getting the mixer out next week.

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