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    I love sewing and embroidery and have just begun a quilt which consists of hand stitched squares. This project gives me some hand stitching to do in the evenings and each square takes only a few hours to complete so I get a sense of achievement without having to work on it for weeks!

    The quilt is from a part work, Sew and Stitch, which I subscribe to. I picked up the first magazine in the shops, liked it and subscribed. I know it will cost quite a lot but it does come with all the fabric, ribbons and threads I need and it is sent straight to my home. It is the easy (or lazy!) way of doing!

    The quilt is on a seaside theme and the first square, which caught my attention in the first issue, is a postcard and a couple of stamps and involves appliqué and embroidery. The simple shapes were cut out, applied using Bondaweb, an iron on, double sided adhesive, and then embellished with simple embroidery. My stitches are less than perfect but I quite like the homemade effect this gives.

    I made a mistake with one of the thread colours but that just means my quilt will be unique so it’s not a problem is it?

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  • Due to some technical difficulties a number of my posts disappeared so I have copied them here just in case anyone is interested!

    I have been doing some stitching during the last couple of weeks. My friend taught me how to make a foundation pieced patchwork block called, I think, pineapple block. This is hand-stitched onto a piece of interfacing. I know to make a quilt I would have to make at least another 19, luckily I don’t have any more fabric so I can’t, but I have really enjoyed making this one. If I ever get round to making it into a cushion I will let you know!


    I have also just spent a very pleasant weekend in the Lake District. Just myself and my husband. This is something which does not happen very often. We stayed in a lovely hotel and the sun shone. We ate delicious food and drank very nice wine. Daughter number 3 tried to intrude with stories of an allergy developed in Spain and a steroid injection delivered by a Spanish doctor but a couple of texts and phone calls later she was much better and there was nothing I could do about it anyway!
    Peace at last
    After a hectic two weeks I am finally back to writing.
    I have now done my exams, they weren’t too bad and as I can do nothing about them now I will just wait for results day in August.
    During the last fortnight, as well as my own exams I have spent a pleasant evening in a hotel in Lancaster helping my eldest with maths for an exam, which she has now, thankfully, passed. I have calmed my scared of flying 17 year old and driven her to the airport in the middle of the night for a long-awaited holiday. I have ferried middle daughter and her boyfriend around, but not too much. I have cooked, too much, cleaned, not as much as I should and washed marathon-style. I have accompanied my son’s youth group on an activity day, and discovered climbing, abseiling and rock scrambling are much harder than they were twenty years ago and make me ache more! My husband and I have also celebrated our Silver Wedding (25 years and no time off for good behaviour!). I feel tired just thinking about it all.
    Today I am driving to Sheffield to take middle daughter and boyfriend back to their University accommodation to clear up, pack and move to new accommodation ready for next year, they will be away a week and a half. Peace at last! For that week and a half there will be just myself, husband and 12 year old son. Sounds like a holiday! Plans include cleaning all unoccupied bedrooms, belated anniversary celebration for hubby and me, less cooking and meal out with friends. Bliss! Hope I don’t get bored!
    June 23rd, 2009 |
    Revision and Brownies
    I have finally written my essay. I have been attempting it for a week and it is a few weeks late. The exams are this month so I could put it off no longer. Somehow I was dreading it more and more the longer I left it but once I got started it seemed to flow. I have mock exams to do now but somehow I think they will have to be incorporated into my revision as time is running very short.
    I am now deep into revision for my first exam but somehow my family still want to eat and wear clean clothes. Can’t they see I’m busy? Still at least I’ll have a good excuse if I don’t do as well as I hope.
    Did manage a short break to make some chocolate brownies for tea. They are chocolatey, squidgy and delicious, just as brownies should be. Thank you Jamie Oliver.
    June 7th, 2009 |

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