• I was born in Manchester and I went to school there, although I lived in Stockport; as a teenager I went shopping in Manchester most Saturdays with my friend. In my late teens and early twenties Manchester was the place I went for a night out or to the theatre. Manchester is also the home of my beloved Manchester City. I live in Cheshire now but I still love Manchester.

    This weekend as the sun shone on Manchester, I took my son to some workshops at The Royal Exchange and found myself with a few hours to spend in the city centre. It was only two days since I had last been there and I kept to the area around the Royal Exchange and Corn Exchange.



    On such a lovely day lots of people were around, enjoying the sunshine at cafes and bars. There were plenty of people about in Exchange Square too just taking a rest and soaking up the sunshine in our all too brief summer.

    We had a lovely walk around the cathedral, an area I haven’t been to for many years, and a quick visit to The National Football Museum. I will certainly be going back for a longer visit as I didn’t have time to explore thoroughly, but what I did see was really interesting and well displayed. I found myself wondering if my Grandad went to matches in a suit and flat cap, very unlike the replica kit and team colours worn to matches today.

    The new Co-Operative building is looking pretty good now too.


    Manchester is a really beautiful city, especially if you take the trouble to look at all the amazing buildings. Of course, we don’t always get the sunshine which improves the look of almost any town, but next time you go to Manchester just lift your head from the shops and take a look around, even on a dull or rainy day you’ll see something to lift your spirits.

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  • Time, methinks, for a little review of the year.

    2011 has been great in many ways. I have spent time with old friends and made new friends. I have been to Wembley for the first (and second) time. I have seen my beloved Manchester City go from strength to strength, bring home the FA cup and fire goals, seemingly as many as they want, past almost every team they have encountered and be sitting at the top of the Premiership as we go into the new year. There’s a long way to go to the end of the season but I’m certainly enjoying it so far. Memorable highlights were beating Manchester United 1-0 in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley, beating Manchester United 6-1 at Old Trafford and my first away match for years when we beat Blackburn Rovers 4-0.

    I have met up with lots of people I have talked to on Twitter and they have all been lovely, not encountered a single axe-murderer yet so I’ll carry on meeting them I think!

    My family continue to grow up and away and it’s lovely to see. My eldest daughter spent time this year as a nanny in Wales, Portugal and Sardinia before moving to Madrid to teach in a primary school there. My youngest daughter spent the summer living and working in Ibiza and my middle daughter got ill on her 6th, and possibly last, pilgrimage to Lourdes. My son also seems to have got the travel bug and went off to France on an exchange trip. I managed Anglesey and a few days in Ibiza and Dublin but I’m planning a couple of trips to Madrid very soon.

    My daughters seem settled into jobs or courses and my son is enjoying school, he also played Julius Caesar in a production in the summer and was excellent, his love of Shakespeare means he is getting very good at being killed!

    My course has been hard work but enjoyable and the end is now in sight and anyway how hard can a degree in Facebook and Twitter be?

    A good year but I can always hope for better so here’s to a great 2012 for me, my family, friends and all of you!

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  • Football 15.09.2011 No Comments

    Well, Manchester City finally got their first ever Champion’s League campaign going last night with a home game against Napoli. The stadium was buzzing with anticipation, many fans had brought their flags and inflatable bananas and the stadium itself was looking good.
    Both teams were making their Champion’s League debut and City got off to a great start. They enjoyed most of the possession and many shots but the Napoli defence looked strong and they looked dangerous on the break and that is where there their eventual goal came from. City fought back and well deserved the point gained by Kolarov’s goal. They kept battling but the elusive second goal was not to be.
    I am sure lessons will be learnt and Mancini is confident we will win in Munich. The match was a great one to watch, fast paced and entertaining. The start of what will hopefully be a long and successful spell of European football for Manchester City. Meanwhile I also hope Kolarov thinks scoring City’s first Champion’s League goal was worth the broken nose!


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