• Baking, Cooking 16.05.2009
    Home made pitta bread

    Home made pitta bread

    Eccles cakes
    Eccles cakes

    Gone a little mad these last few days. Baking mad. Made Eccles cakes, my husband’s favourite, and doughnuts, very popular with son and daughter (and me!). My favourite was the pitta bread. These were really easy and they looked and tasted at least as good as the bought version. Lovely with some houmous and salad for tea.
    All of this baking means I have not done as much of my English as I would like so today is dedicated to working on that. No baking allowed, except maybe some naan bread to accompany the curry tonight! As well as my English I need to catch up with the laundry. A couple of days of rain stopped me washing as I have been using the lovely free fresh air to dry but I still have plenty of ironing staring at me, pleading to be smoothed out and put away. I’ll save an hour of that as a treat after some work on my assignment!

    Hot, fresh doughnuts. Delicious.

    Hot, fresh doughnuts. Delicious.

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    Posted by Catherine @ 7:43 am

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    • You forgot to mention the doughnuts and Eccles cakes today! I thought you only made healthy stuff… Claire

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