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    They did this

    They did this

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    I did this

    Is it only me that hates Alton Towers? I took my 12 year old son there this week, the first time I have been, and it was awful. We queued on the road to get in the entrance, we queued all the way to car park J, we queued to get the monorail to the park entrance then we queued for half an hour to get our tickets. We had been there an hour before we got into the park! Now, I am British and know how to queue but this is ridiculous.

    I used Tesco Clubcard vouchers to pay for our tickets so it felt like a free trip but I had actually had to buy £3800 worth of groceries to get the tickets for myself, son, daughter and daughter’s boyfriend. Daughter and boyfriend were essential to the trip as I no longer go on rides since getting a whiplash injury at Blackpool Pleasure(??) Beach 20 odd years ago!

    The weather was fine but not too sunny, we were armed with a picnic and a map and headed off into the park to spend the day queuing! The queues were so long that in the eight hours we spent there they managed to go on only seven rides. I spent the majority of the eight hours walking or standing around as there was nowhere to sit to wait for them as they queued for half an hour or so for a two minute ride. To crown the day I got stung by one of the several million wasps that were buzzing around!

    The one pleasant part of the day was a peaceful hour sitting in the beautiful gardens reading Mansfield Park on my Sony Reader but I don’t think that alone would be worth the entrance fee of £37. My son had looked forward to this trip for weeks as a highlight of his summer break and he did enjoy it but was frustrated at the lengths of the queues and the number of rides he couldn’t go on, including most of the big ones he was looking forward to most. I suspect it will be a long time before we go there again.

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    • I love Alton Towers. However, the reason I love it, is because we go at the end of every school year as a reward trip for the kids. I don’t have to pay because I’m working, I don’t need to supervise the kids, because they’re enjoying themselves and none of them are going to try and escape to rural Staffordshire when there is “Rita” or some such to queue up for for 5 hours. I don’t want to go on any of the rides and neither do any of my department, so we stage the annual History Department picnic instead, and sit around drinking coffee. Brilliant! It will be one of the things I miss most now I don’t work there any more. I went there on a hen do once though, and was in hell. Cost a fortune and I just held people’s coats all day.

    • God that’s terrible !! I know what will cheer you up, look out for my blog posted on Saturday, there’s an award for you and something I’m passing on….don’t worry it’s not swine flu!

      Sharon x

    • Ohh no what a nightmare – we are going to Alton Towers on Saturday! I won a free trip at a hotel and passes to the park but unfortunately our babysitter has let us down so we can’t go, but we are still going for the day to Alton towers, i hate queues.

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      I’m a member of “New to blogging” on BMB. I’ve added your blog to my blogroll. Hopefully you’ll do the same for me.


      Tej – Letssharecare.com

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